1953 Thompson TVT Cedar Strip Runabout 

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My Thompson Boat Restoration

This site is dedicated to the restoration of my 1953 Thompson TVT Cedar strip Runabout.  My Grandfather bought this boat new in 1953 along with a 1953 Mercury Mark 20.  It has spent all of its life either in our barn or in the Tangipahoa River in Ponchatoula, LA.  I still have all of the original paperwork that came with the boat when it was new.   Hull ID# C23765R

Shortly after Hurricane Katrina in 2006 the boat was severly damaged by a very large pine tree that was being cut down. Over the last 2 years I have been working to restore it. I had originally thought about having a "wooden boat guy" do the restoration but then I decided to do the work myself. I had absolutely no woodworking experience but I figured it might be a fun and rewarding experience...and it has been!  I guess I might now be a "wooden boat guy."

The boat is shown in the photo below with a 1956 30hp Johnson. My grandfather replaced the Mercury when this motor came out to have more horsepower. I have restored this motor and have recently got my hands on a 1953 Mark 20 which I will put on the boat.  The steering wheel and controls were added in the 70's and were a pain to deal with. I plan to drive the boat with the tiller handle the way it was intended.

This is the 80 ft tall pine tree that was being cut down due to damage from Hurricane Katrina.  As you can see, it fell directly on the boat.  The motor took a direct hit and the tree came to rest on the transom and front deck.  I have to say that it took a pretty good hit but the solid construction of the boat is probably the reason it still exists today.

Front view of the damage after the tree had been removed.  The axle was bent to the ground from the weight of the tree.

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