1953 Thompson TVT Cedar Strip Runabout 

site last updated on 8-20-18

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Replacing transom

  This shows all the nails and screws that had to be removed.  I dug out all of the putty that was used to fair the bottom.  Once that was done I had to chisel away the transom to expose the nails and screws.  Every Cedar strip had a nail and a screw.
This photo shows the transom removed. I basically used thin cardboard to make a template of the transom.  Once I had a template, I transfered it to graph paper and this allowed me to make a computer drawing.  Once again I cut out the transom using our Flow waterjet at work.  The transom material is Mahogany.  I needed to find a piece 17-3/8" x 48" x 1" thick.  As luck would have it I found a piece in Miami at an exotic wood importer. To this day, I have never found another piece that big!


The process to remove the transom was a difficult one. It involved digging all the nails and screws out of the transom so no damage was done to the cedar strips. I didn't count the nails and screws but is was a lot.

New transom in place.  You can see all the holes that needed to be epoxy filled.  Once they were filled, I applied glue to the inside and put the transom in place.  A couple hundred screws later it was installed!      

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